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Art Eclectic is a gift shop with an emphasis on art, design and creativity.  The products are chosen because they are either hand made, derive from natural materials, eco friendly, are educational, aesthetically pleasing, creative, art related, are produced ethically,  or are just great designs.


Warlukurlangu Artists strongly believe that 'healthy dogs mean healthy people'. The art centre has been running the Desert Dog program in Yuendumu community since 2003 when the township was overrun with sick, malnourished dogs and puppies. As part of this program the dogs are fed, de-ticked, de-wormed and sick and abandoned dogs are cared for. They also provide daily advice to community members on how to better take care for their dogs. Warlukurlangu Artists/ Desert Dogs also help to fund vets to come to the community and sterilise dogs and treat them for various diseases. The program also tries to re-home dogs and puppies that have been surrendered to Desert Dogs. The dogs and puppies are available through the web site and through the facebook page Aussie Desert Dogs.