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+61 434 905 226

Art Eclectic is a gift shop with an emphasis on art, design and creativity.  The products are chosen because they are either hand made, derive from natural materials, eco friendly, are educational, aesthetically pleasing, creative, art related, are produced ethically,  or are just great designs.


Experience the joy of giving beautiful products. If you love handmade, ethically sourced products with an eco-friendly design ethos, or great designs that are educational, collectable or fun, you will find something to like here. Traditional skills in art and crafts are valued and supported by our choices. We love good design and creativity.


What guides us in the choice of our products? We ask these questions:-

Is the product beautiful, educational or useful? Does is support art and design?

Are traditional skills encouraged?

What is the product made from, for example, post- consumer waste, vegetable based inks, sustainably managed forests?

What happens to the product at the end of its life? Is it recyclable or will it breakdown naturally without polluting the environment?

Are there positive benefits for the community locally or globally?

Does it offer desirable choices for low and middle income earners?

Is the product fun or does it positively affect the aesthetics of a person’s immediate environment?


We are located in Australia on the beautiful New South Wales Mid North Coast, where hills and forest meet the sea.